Basic anthurium plant in - foliage fears

Work In Progress / 20 September 2021

I adore plants, study them in my leisure time, doesn't matter where I live, I'm going to find that interpretive trail and hike it to find out the local environment. Given that, I've been intimidated by the process of creating plants for games. There are quite a few steps, modeling or sculpting the plant, baking high to low poly, texturing, bringing it all back into your modeling program to place cards, fixing the normals, and then finally importing into engine. This wasn't what I expected when starting my voyage towards mastering the art of 3d foliage.

I do love plants and I'm relieved to have gotten past the technical hurdles on this Anthurium. It needs lots of work, but the plant is in and I feel victorious. Next I'll get some giant nasturtium in there to fill out the planters.

Here is the latest.